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The Prince of Story Tellers

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Do you want a riveting after dinner master storyteller who will have your audience hanging on every word?   A speaker who can move your audience to both laughter and tears?  Then email Tom on   now.   Or give him a call on 61 2 9890 2238.    You’ll find Tom is your man.

Self knowledge

Do you want to learn about your Real Self from a creditable teacher who has had a wide experience of life and who has undergone 24,000 hours practice in Insight Meditation?   A gifted channeler?  A teacher?    A man who has delved deeply into his spiritual self for over forty years and can point you towards a happier life?   Then get in touch.


Perhaps you would like Tom to run an in-depth course on Public Speaking and Presentation Skills because you want your people to learn how to be really effective before an audience?    Tom’s had nearly four decades experience in oral the communications area.  He can teach you and your staff in this area too.

What most of us want

Ask almost anyone what they most want out of life and they will probably say, “I want mostly to be happy.”  Or “I want to be successful.”  Or, “I want to find the real purpose to my life.”  Tom has given these questions a lot of thought and some of his answers can be found in his book, “Who Stole Your Happinessand how you can reclaim your rightful ownership,” co-written with Kam Keong Yew Ph.D in 2010.

Tom has written around a dozen books, more information on which can be found on   Or you can check out some his 293 wide-ranging subject matter essays by simply visiting Or you can view him on

However, it is as a Master Storyteller that he is most well known,  having presented his stories to over 45,000 people over the years.   So if you wish to have Tom present at one of your major events, get in touch.   He’ll be happy to hear from you.


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  1. Tom Ware says:

    For Toastmaster visitors: I have now added my little book, Going Outside of Toastmasters under the Toastmaster Page above. Might be of use.

  2. Tom Ware says:

    Email from Malcolm Hannah, received 29th October 2012

    Hello Tom,

    My sincere thanks to you for emailing me a copy of “Stories I Tell”. Certainly some great tales to be read there. I have also read your hub notes on speaking and storytelling …. at 67 I am still willing to learn!

    I have been interested in your tales since I attended the Toastmasters Convention at Inverell in April/May 2011. I believe the tale “Incident in Dubbo Airspace” is the best story I have ever heard!

    This line blew me away: Can you imagine. Walgett. It’s a Sunday night in 1961 and this bloke want’s to take a several hundred ton plane into the place.

    I will quote Wares Law “The seriousness of an official announcement is always inversely proportional to the seriousness of the actual event” at Rockhampton Boomerang Toastmasters Club (40th year Birthday last week) and mention your generosity in passing on some very valued reading.

    My very best wishes


  3. Tom Ware says:

    Thanks, Malcolm. Always good to hear people like to hear my stories. I love telling them.

    Tusitala Tom

  4. Tom Ware says:

    Website still looks good. Not much added lately, though.

  5. Tom Ware says:

    I’ve been unable to add anything to this website for a long time now as the Dashboard is blank and I cannot add to it. Still, you can still catch up with me on my Facebook Page, or look at the daily comments on Speaking and Storytelling I post on Toastmasters District 90′s Facebook Page.

    As it’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow – all the best to yo for 2017.

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