A Worthy Self Image

A Worthy Self-image: Knowing you are not mind- made

The most worthy and gratifying self-image is to know – by experience - that the image is just that – an image; a figment of our own imaginings.   When this happens what we are left with is surety.   We might not be able to define, or even explain adequately what we are to others, but we know in our own hearts and minds what we are not.  In other words, we know and realize very clearly that we are not our ego-created self!


When we know at a conscious level that our minds and bodies are merely the ‘machinery,’ so to speak, of our intentions, we are getting to the centre of things.  When we know at a conscious level that our minds and actions are merely a conduit, that is, our physical bodies and minds are merely channels for something far greater than an ego-generated self image, and then we’re on our way to enlightenment.  It could be argued that we’re all on our way to that, of course.  What I mean is that we have probably established ourselves to the point where we’ve made some headway along what is sometimes called The Path.


It is so easy to get carried away by ego-generated thoughts.  These can become congealed and solidified within our subconscious to the point where we can hardly operate without them.  We believe we are them.  We are our prestigious job (if we have one) we are our beautiful bodies or good looks (likewise, if we have these) we are our tremendous intellectual learning capacity, et cetera.    We realize we have gifts and abilities which perhaps the average man or woman does not have and we become inordinately proud of them, not knowing how our why we have them but assuming them ours by divine right.  And they are ours by divine right.  But that does not give us a right to show off and be egotistical about them.  We know not why they are ours.


Our ego would argue that we have developed our abilities in this lifetime by dint of hard work and application. It could be said we have a right to be proud of our achievements.  We have that right.  But it need be remembered that we have been granted the insights, the opportunities, the advice and co-operation of the Universe that has allowed us to make such progress.   To lump such attainments into our egotistical evaluation of ourselves and make ourselves superior to others is not a wise move.  What is given – or earned – can be taken away.  In fact, apart from the values, skills and qualities we’ve developed over our lifetimes, these things will be taken from us when we leave this world…Well, maybe.   I don’t really know.   Perhaps we retain some of them.


It is said there is an afterlife and we go to a different dimension when our physical bodies can no longer sustain that fragment of God-consciousness that we are.   It is also reported by various seers and esoteric teachers that we remember our lives on earth and the situations and people we encountered and lived and had our being with.   If this is so, then we also take our memories with us.   This infers that our memories are not in our physical brains, for we know that physical brains turn to dust along with the rest of our physical body.


In George Meek’s book, After We Die, What Then?  It’s  stated that the ‘Silver cord is broken.’  That silver cord joins the Physical and Bioplasmic bodies which are left behind and the Astral body, which comprises our personal subconscious, conscious and super conscious mind, all of which makes up our soul, which continues on.   These last proceed to our next level of existence.


Does this mean that we take our self-image or ego-mind with us?    A question I really cannot answer.   However, it seems that in the next dimension we do take some of our mind content with us.  How could there be heavens and hells created by our own thoughts if we did not do so.   But to get back to George Meek’s book.  Here is a description he gives of what survives the death of our physical body    Oh, by the way, our Bio-plastic body, sometimes referred to as our Etheric Body, makes up the field that holds the physical together.   In it we have the network of chi channels, plus the chakras through which the energies of our higher bodies ‘step down’ to lower frequencies to maintain the physical.   Once the Bio-plasmic disintegrates so, too, does the Physical.  But here’s what Meek says about what survives.


“Just as the skin covers all the internal bodies and skeleton of our physical body, the astral body functions as a skin or covering for the three levels of mind and soul.  It contains and makes a unit of them.   This package or bundle is the real you.  It contains the more enduring parts of your memory banks, your emotional patterns, your personality and your soul.”


So, if George Meeks is right, we will have a life form which, in many ways, resembles what we looked like on earth – in our prime, apparently.   Or, as it was put to me, as we choose to be by those who are viewing or relating to us.  In other words, we can be any age we like appearance-wise.


However, we’ve gotten away from the essence of this essay a little, so to hark back.   A worthy self-image is to know that we truly are made in the image of God.  Why?   Because, in our essence, we are a part of God.    If we can be appreciative of that, understanding of that, then knowing that our physical bodies, and our temporal knowledge are not us but of us, we can be both aptly humble yet inherently joyful.  Indeed, a worthy self-image is knowing that we are not ego-made but something glorious, unconditionally loving, but beyond our comprehension to fully understand.

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I'm into speaking to audiences. My particular forte is telling stories. Morevover, I've addressed over 750 audiences and in excess of 40,000 people during the past eighteen years - excluding those I've addressed in my Toastmasters clubs. Additionally, I've presented classes to adults on Metaphysics and Spirituality (non sectarian) and Popular Psychology between 2001 and 2008. I'm an avid writer, been at it for forty-five years. Speaking is a passion, of course, as mentioned above. I started in 1972 with Toastmasters. My speciality is Storytelling and some years ago people began to flatter me with the titles: Prince of Storytellers, and Master Storyteller. Also, Tusitala Tom (Tusitala means Storyteller in Polynesian) I am also into 'serious' meditation (Vipassana as taught by S N Goenka) Started that in 1986. Additionally, I'm an Automatic Writing practioner and have been able to 'channel' for over forty years. Bit about me. Born in London UK and migrated to Australia in 1951. Started my first job day after my fifteenth birthday in that year. I've been a postal worker, sailor, aviation air-ground man, overseas telegraph operator. I've worked for an electrical power-supply company, been a truck driver, a foundry labourer, laboratory assistant, a police radio operator, and office worker - even an Antarctic expeditioner. Worked and lived in a number of countries, but am now 'retired' and enjoying life - probably as never before. I've been married - yes to the same woman! - for fifty-three years and have three grown up children and four grandchildren.
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