Master Storyteller

 What sort of public speaker are you after? An after dinner speaker? An entertaining speaker? A self-knowledge public speaker? Or someone you’ll enjoy listening to as you’re transported via your own ‘mind’s eye’ into story scenes that will stay with you for life?  In other words, a master storyteller.

In 2002 a woman rang to book Tom for a presentation. She didn’t recognize his name. She only knew that he was a speaker. After they’d exchanged a few words she said, “Yes, I do remember you now. You told us that wonderful story about the island – the seals and penguins…” Tom looked up his card index and found that, yes, he had told that story to her group – way back in 1982.

The point being made here is that even though a name is forgotten, a story is not. The memory of it is recallable decades after it is heard. Don’t believe me? What about Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Or the Three Little Pigs? You remember them, don’t you? When did you hear them last?

A conference organizer might book a motivational speaker to give the keynote. Or he or she might opt for a standup comedian for that after dinner presentation when most of the business speeches by the experts have all been delivered. Now everyone wants to relax. But you’ve booked a motivational speaker. Or was it a comedian? How many remember the motivational speech or the one liner jokes a year or two down the track? I’d venture very few. And yet the after dinner presentation on the final evening of a conference is in many ways the highlight. It rounds it all off. You want it to be memorable!

The information which is remembered comes from the public speaker who has told a story, something we can visualize; something which adheres as a pleasant memory and stays there from thereon. So, if you’re a conference convener and want people to remember why they enjoyed, have a Master Storyteller along.  That way you’ll be getting the best out all the work you’ve put in.

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