Reclaiming Your Power From Your Mind

Reclaiming your power from you mind is a phrase used by Eckhart Tolle in his classic work, The Power of Now, and reading that immediately caused a shift in my own comprehension of what our searching for meaing is about.   It became apparent, as that sentence registered, that not only do we generally immerse ourselves in thought and identify with that thought, we are actually giving our executive power away to our conditioning – for it is from our conditioning that we receive our thoughts and from these thoughts the way we interpret our world.

What an insight!   Reclaim the power of your mind!  So who is doing the reclaiming.  We are – the real us; that centre of consciousness with a will that is not only the Observer and Witness of our lives but the Decision Maker.   Well, the Decision Maker when we are coming from our true selves and not from that conglommeration of ideas we have about ourselves sometimes referred to as the ego.  The ego being, of course, based on a self image.   The image in turn is a projection of what our ego believes we are.    We’ve made this up over time, starting from when we were infants.

The image of what we are is confined within the parameters of our thinking about ourselves, our physicality, our gifts, our possessions, including the opinion we have about our intelligence or lack of it, et cetera.   So it is these aspect of our mind that we are gradually reducing within us as we “reclaim our power from our mind.

It is said that our mind creates our world.   That is, our own personal -and very limited mind – creates the way we look at the world.  But there is a bigger mind, that of the Collective Unconsciousness of Humankind.   This creates the overall way we human beings intrepret the way things are.  We’ve been doing that since the so-called ‘dawn of time.’   The result is that we’ve come up with the belief that we are all separate beings, and worse, need to be in competition with one another in order to get what we desire.  We are all coming from Fear with a capital F.    This is because, deep down, the ego knows that it is an entity without a concrete foundation.  It is an imaginary us and it knows it.

The Universal mind, it seems, is not in congruence with the Collective Human Mind and the Universal Mind is infinitely more powerful.   It is what creates the Universe and the Universe is a manifestation created by The Source – or God, if you choose to use that word.   By personally reclaiming our power from our mind we are actually aligning ourselves with that Divine Source.  The part of us which is the presence, the impartial non-judgemental observer is the immortal part of us – the part that never changes.  It is our own source which is a part of the All Being or All Source  (This is getting rather abstract but I’m hoping you get the picture)

The point is to Observe without thought as much as you can by being present; by being ‘In the Now.’   The Now is the only time there really is.  The future is an imaginary mind construct of what might be, and the past is simply memory traces in the mind-body.  So, in order to reclaim your power – be IN THE NOW as often as you can until it eventually becomes your habit of being.

About Tom Ware

I'm into speaking to audiences. My particular forte is telling stories. Morevover, I've addressed over 750 audiences and in excess of 40,000 people during the past eighteen years - excluding those I've addressed in my Toastmasters clubs. Additionally, I've presented classes to adults on Metaphysics and Spirituality (non sectarian) and Popular Psychology between 2001 and 2008. I'm an avid writer, been at it for forty-five years. Speaking is a passion, of course, as mentioned above. I started in 1972 with Toastmasters. My speciality is Storytelling and some years ago people began to flatter me with the titles: Prince of Storytellers, and Master Storyteller. Also, Tusitala Tom (Tusitala means Storyteller in Polynesian) I am also into 'serious' meditation (Vipassana as taught by S N Goenka) Started that in 1986. Additionally, I'm an Automatic Writing practioner and have been able to 'channel' for over forty years. Bit about me. Born in London UK and migrated to Australia in 1951. Started my first job day after my fifteenth birthday in that year. I've been a postal worker, sailor, aviation air-ground man, overseas telegraph operator. I've worked for an electrical power-supply company, been a truck driver, a foundry labourer, laboratory assistant, a police radio operator, and office worker - even an Antarctic expeditioner. Worked and lived in a number of countries, but am now 'retired' and enjoying life - probably as never before. I've been married - yes to the same woman! - for fifty-three years and have three grown up children and four grandchildren.
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