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 Here, Tom’s approach is that of a storyteller.    For the most part, the aim of these presentations is to entertain – though they do have educational value.    Atmosphere is built with tales of adventure, drama, and tragedy.   The object is simply to have people ‘enjoy’  – and enjoy they usually do.   And if something of importance is learned, so much the better.

            These stories have, for the most part, been well tried; heard by hundreds of audiences.   Many of them are “Australiana,” e.g. The Sealers,  Hoodoo Ship,  Sixty Milers,  Miracle off Long Reef, the Runaway, and  Incident in Dubbo Airspace.   Because of his background, Tom is able to bring authtentication to these.   Others  tales are more universal, e.g. The Stars Look Down, Cathedrals of the Sky, and Information Please.

            *On the odd occasion, Tom will give an audience-participative presentation on the esoteric, dealing with the probability of life after death, in Message from Karen, and there is an examination of  “What we humans are’  in his presentation,  Love is All There Is.

            The Sealers   (the discovery and early history of Macquarie Island)

             The Hoodoo Ship   (HMAS Melbourne)

            Cathedrals of the Sky (Airships – particularly the Hindenburg disaster)

            The Sixty Milers   (Sydney’s colliers- the sinking of the Birchgrove Park)

            The Stars Looks Down   (The story of the ill-fated Titanic)

            Miracle off Long Reef   (An eventful voyage of a Hawkesbury River Steamer)

             Incident in Dubbo Airspace (an American transport plane in trouble)

            The Runaway Auster   (Humerous story of a pilotless aircraft over Sydney)

            Information Please    (A child’s relationship with a ‘voice on the phone.’)

            The Bigot   (A man who refused help)

            The Five Bells Hotel (A wise man solves a problem)

            Happy Valley   (Swan-song of a professional fisherman)

            The Fourth King   (Christmas Story)

            Korean Christmas   (A story of war)

            The Stationmaster’s Bell   (A bell goes missing in World War Two)

             The Professor and the Old Sailor (Knowledge vs Wisdom)

            The Snake (an aeradio operator’s dillema) 

            The Funnel Web Spider (An experience in meditation)

            Lost   (A crop-duster aircraft lost over the vast Pacific Ocean)

            A quiet New Year’s Day (Search and Rescue of a lost aircraft)

            Portrait of the Son (A story of war)

            The Africa Boat (Relationship between a prison guard and his prisoner)

            The Longest Day (Lost on Macquarie Island)

            *Message from Karen   (Deals with messages from the deceased)

            *Love is all there is   (The ‘essence’ of our soul)   Plus further stories not listed here.

 Presentations are from 5 to 50 minutes.   Length of time is, of course, determined by the Program Organizer,


Arthur Thomas (Tom) Ware  


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