Reclaiming Your Power From Your Mind

Reclaiming your power from you mind is a phrase used by Eckhart Tolle in his classic work, The Power of Now, and reading that immediately caused a shift in my own comprehension of what our searching for meaing is about.   It became apparent, as that sentence registered, that not only do we generally immerse ourselves in thought and identify with that thought, we are actually giving our executive power away to our conditioning – for it is from our conditioning that we receive our thoughts and from these thoughts the way we interpret our world.

What an insight!   Reclaim the power of your mind!  So who is doing the reclaiming.  We are – the real us; that centre of consciousness with a will that is not only the Observer and Witness of our lives but the Decision Maker.   Well, the Decision Maker when we are coming from our true selves and not from that conglommeration of ideas we have about ourselves sometimes referred to as the ego.  The ego being, of course, based on a self image.   The image in turn is a projection of what our ego believes we are.    We’ve made this up over time, starting from when we were infants.

The image of what we are is confined within the parameters of our thinking about ourselves, our physicality, our gifts, our possessions, including the opinion we have about our intelligence or lack of it, et cetera.   So it is these aspect of our mind that we are gradually reducing within us as we “reclaim our power from our mind.

It is said that our mind creates our world.   That is, our own personal -and very limited mind – creates the way we look at the world.  But there is a bigger mind, that of the Collective Unconsciousness of Humankind.   This creates the overall way we human beings intrepret the way things are.  We’ve been doing that since the so-called ‘dawn of time.’   The result is that we’ve come up with the belief that we are all separate beings, and worse, need to be in competition with one another in order to get what we desire.  We are all coming from Fear with a capital F.    This is because, deep down, the ego knows that it is an entity without a concrete foundation.  It is an imaginary us and it knows it.

The Universal mind, it seems, is not in congruence with the Collective Human Mind and the Universal Mind is infinitely more powerful.   It is what creates the Universe and the Universe is a manifestation created by The Source – or God, if you choose to use that word.   By personally reclaiming our power from our mind we are actually aligning ourselves with that Divine Source.  The part of us which is the presence, the impartial non-judgemental observer is the immortal part of us – the part that never changes.  It is our own source which is a part of the All Being or All Source  (This is getting rather abstract but I’m hoping you get the picture)

The point is to Observe without thought as much as you can by being present; by being ‘In the Now.’   The Now is the only time there really is.  The future is an imaginary mind construct of what might be, and the past is simply memory traces in the mind-body.  So, in order to reclaim your power – be IN THE NOW as often as you can until it eventually becomes your habit of being.

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The Death of a Garden Tree

This morning three men came and cut down the tree which had been growing in the garden behind our back fence.   It had been a magnificent tree.  It branches had spread wide and it all but filled the rear of the back yard behind our town house.  In the spring its leaves were so dense that you couldn’t see through it.  In the summer the birds could be heard chirping and fighting among themselves and in autumn its leaves turned to gold before dropping all over the gardens which surrounded it.   It was these leaves, and the countless myriad seeds – each of which resembled a half feather and would stick to and lodge in every nook and cranny which was the problem – hence, I suspect its eventual execution by the tree loppers.  Neighbours weren’t happy about this, and that included my wife and I.


As it was being destroyed I witnessed some of it from my study window.   Now, moving towards winter, many leaves and seeds – especially the seeds, which hung down in clusters – still remained, but the bare branches which I’d seen over six successive winters could be easily discerned.   How I’d witnessed the birds come and go through that tree: doves minors, both Indian and Australian ‘Noisy’ minors, magpies, butcher birds, kurrajongs, crows, peewees, parrots of one type or another.   There was even a time when a kitten climbed up and took around two hours to pluck up courage to come down.  It was a long jump from the lower branches to the lawn belongs.


As it was being cut down I felt a mixture of emotions.  There was certainly some sadness there.  It had been part of the scenery from the back of our unit from the time we moved in here seven years ago.   I think I will miss the bird life that it brought.  It seemed to be a natural half-way stop for many of the birds which lived around the area.  Yet at the same time there was a feeling of relief, for gone now would be the endless cleaning up, raking and brushing of leaves…and perhaps a lessening, even cessation of my wife complaints about this.   When she came home today and saw the tree gone and the now widened panorama from the back window she was obviously happy.


I’m not sure how old that tree was.  I suspect it was planted when the house in front of it was built back in the 1940s.  This would make it around seventy years old.   Not old for a tree.  But it had had a reasonable time to live.   It was healthy.  No dead branches, no obvious diseases.  Still, its time had come.  I’m sure it will remain a topic of conversation for a day or so, just as most of us will to those we know us but who are not really close, before it is laid aside and we move on with our lives.  Everything comes into being and passes away.   Still…it was a beautiful tree.

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A Worthy Self Image

A Worthy Self-image: Knowing you are not mind- made

The most worthy and gratifying self-image is to know – by experience - that the image is just that – an image; a figment of our own imaginings.   When this happens what we are left with is surety.   We might not be able to define, or even explain adequately what we are to others, but we know in our own hearts and minds what we are not.  In other words, we know and realize very clearly that we are not our ego-created self!


When we know at a conscious level that our minds and bodies are merely the ‘machinery,’ so to speak, of our intentions, we are getting to the centre of things.  When we know at a conscious level that our minds and actions are merely a conduit, that is, our physical bodies and minds are merely channels for something far greater than an ego-generated self image, and then we’re on our way to enlightenment.  It could be argued that we’re all on our way to that, of course.  What I mean is that we have probably established ourselves to the point where we’ve made some headway along what is sometimes called The Path.


It is so easy to get carried away by ego-generated thoughts.  These can become congealed and solidified within our subconscious to the point where we can hardly operate without them.  We believe we are them.  We are our prestigious job (if we have one) we are our beautiful bodies or good looks (likewise, if we have these) we are our tremendous intellectual learning capacity, et cetera.    We realize we have gifts and abilities which perhaps the average man or woman does not have and we become inordinately proud of them, not knowing how our why we have them but assuming them ours by divine right.  And they are ours by divine right.  But that does not give us a right to show off and be egotistical about them.  We know not why they are ours.


Our ego would argue that we have developed our abilities in this lifetime by dint of hard work and application. It could be said we have a right to be proud of our achievements.  We have that right.  But it need be remembered that we have been granted the insights, the opportunities, the advice and co-operation of the Universe that has allowed us to make such progress.   To lump such attainments into our egotistical evaluation of ourselves and make ourselves superior to others is not a wise move.  What is given – or earned – can be taken away.  In fact, apart from the values, skills and qualities we’ve developed over our lifetimes, these things will be taken from us when we leave this world…Well, maybe.   I don’t really know.   Perhaps we retain some of them.


It is said there is an afterlife and we go to a different dimension when our physical bodies can no longer sustain that fragment of God-consciousness that we are.   It is also reported by various seers and esoteric teachers that we remember our lives on earth and the situations and people we encountered and lived and had our being with.   If this is so, then we also take our memories with us.   This infers that our memories are not in our physical brains, for we know that physical brains turn to dust along with the rest of our physical body.


In George Meek’s book, After We Die, What Then?  It’s  stated that the ‘Silver cord is broken.’  That silver cord joins the Physical and Bioplasmic bodies which are left behind and the Astral body, which comprises our personal subconscious, conscious and super conscious mind, all of which makes up our soul, which continues on.   These last proceed to our next level of existence.


Does this mean that we take our self-image or ego-mind with us?    A question I really cannot answer.   However, it seems that in the next dimension we do take some of our mind content with us.  How could there be heavens and hells created by our own thoughts if we did not do so.   But to get back to George Meek’s book.  Here is a description he gives of what survives the death of our physical body    Oh, by the way, our Bio-plastic body, sometimes referred to as our Etheric Body, makes up the field that holds the physical together.   In it we have the network of chi channels, plus the chakras through which the energies of our higher bodies ‘step down’ to lower frequencies to maintain the physical.   Once the Bio-plasmic disintegrates so, too, does the Physical.  But here’s what Meek says about what survives.


“Just as the skin covers all the internal bodies and skeleton of our physical body, the astral body functions as a skin or covering for the three levels of mind and soul.  It contains and makes a unit of them.   This package or bundle is the real you.  It contains the more enduring parts of your memory banks, your emotional patterns, your personality and your soul.”


So, if George Meeks is right, we will have a life form which, in many ways, resembles what we looked like on earth – in our prime, apparently.   Or, as it was put to me, as we choose to be by those who are viewing or relating to us.  In other words, we can be any age we like appearance-wise.


However, we’ve gotten away from the essence of this essay a little, so to hark back.   A worthy self-image is to know that we truly are made in the image of God.  Why?   Because, in our essence, we are a part of God.    If we can be appreciative of that, understanding of that, then knowing that our physical bodies, and our temporal knowledge are not us but of us, we can be both aptly humble yet inherently joyful.  Indeed, a worthy self-image is knowing that we are not ego-made but something glorious, unconditionally loving, but beyond our comprehension to fully understand.

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So there are people reading my stuff!

It’s gratifying to know that at least a few people are actually reading and getting something positive out of the essays I place on my Hubpages site.  Looking at the latest statistics (24/4/14) it appears that I’m getting around 500 to 600 hits every week and over 2,000 a month.  Not only that, I do actually receive comments on some of these essays -  wonderful!

Yes, I know a lot of writers get a lot more than this, but I’m happy enough with the results.  Despite knowing that the majority of hits are either electronically generated by – search engines, I suspect - and that most people only glance at what I’ve done, I’m pretty sure that there are a few who actually do really enjoy the read and get something from it.

As far as this site is concerned?  Well, there was that much spam coming in I simply switched off the comments facility.  Just wasn’t worth the hassle.  But if you are a reader of this site, well, just send me an email, if you feel inclined.

Best wishes to you.

Tusitala Tom.

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Dr. Wayne W Dyer’s “I Can See Clearly Now”

I am at about half-way through Wayne Dyer’s autobiography, “I Can See Clearly Now,” and I must admit I’m gaining a lot of insights through reading it.   I’ve read quite a number of his earlier works including Your Erroneous Zones, You’ll See It When You Believe It, Your Sacred Self, There’s a Spiritual Solution To Every Problem, Real Magic, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life, The Power of Intention -so many.  But it is in the reading of Wayne’s biography that he stitches together the spiritual story of his life and how each step of the way he was led to greater a greater work to do. 

All of Wayne’s books are very readable, in the sense that they are couched in terms easily understood by the layman.  You need to remember that Wayne is a professor who spent quite a bit of his life writing academic papers.  Let us thank God that he had already developed a writing style which could be readily understood well before he entered university.

For those of you who wish to learn more about your real self, then Dr. Wayne Dyer is one of the best teachers in this field.   All of his books are good – some outstanding.   Do your soul a favour and start reading them.


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Carrot and Stick

Earlier this afternoon, as I was having a coffee at my usual coffee shop, I could not help overhearing a conversation – a very angry conversation – between two young women.  One, it seemed, was the owner (or part owner with her husband) of a small business.  The other woman,  it appeared, was her office manager.   The conversation was virtually a tirade against the owner’s staff.  And from what I could deduce, the staff comprised four or five young men.


So what was it about?

It seemed that this woman employer was very unhappy with the way her staff were performing – or possibly not performing.  This lady was attempting to dictate a letter or notice to her manager laying down rules and regulations which had to be adhered to by her staff.  They would abide by these rules or they would rue the consequences.  There was talk of pays being deducted for this, that, and all manner of things.   Take a day off without a doctor’s certificate: forfeit the day’s pay.  Take a day off without notice, not only forfeit a day’s pay but incur a fine.  Don’t clean up the office every day: a monetary fine.  Don’t do this, or do do that, and it was fines, deductions and threats of dismissal.   The dialogue was a continue diatribe and did nothing but cause me, as a listener, to feel uncomfortable.


My thought as I overheard all this was:  “Someone needs to approach the Miscellaneous Workers Union to get trade union protection.“  The rules and regulations being bandied about by this young lady were downright Draconian.  They bore little resemblance to ‘the Australian way.’  But the main thing which came home to me was the naiveté of this lady.  She actually believed that punishment, or the threat of same, would change behavior.   It might get some reluctant conformity to her ideas of what was right or wrong but it certainly wouldn’t get a happy or willing staff.

If we were talking about a ‘carrot and stick; analogy this would be all stick.  More than all stick – a big club or whip.   This does not work in getting staff to do what you’d  like them to do.   Reward is always more effective than punishment.   And the rewards are more than just the improved performance.  It makes for happier employees.  It makes for people who will cooperate and even go out of their way to make things better not only for themselves but for their boss. 

I wonder how long it will take this particular young lady to realize this.  I wonder if she ever will.

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Practice makes perfect if we keep on practising

Last night I attended my eldest grandson’s birthday party and had the pleasure of listening to his younger brother and sister play a few tunes on their clarinets.   How they have improved!   It seems like only yesterday little Caty was playing of a ‘recorder’ at school, now she’s quite accomplished and can even knock out a tune in concert with her elder brother.

And as for Cameron, her elder brother…well…he’s become so good that at seventeen he’s off to perform with an Sydney orchestera which is going to perform in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago.   He’s becoming really proficient and it seems there is no heights to which he cannot rise as a concert saxophonist and clarinet player.   Marvellous!   

Of course, they’ve both worked hard and regularly in practice and that is, of course, the so-called ‘secret of success.’  Dint of application and never ever giving up, is what brings the rewards.  

I wish them both well.


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Love to Speaking to Audiences?

Do you love speaking to audiences but don’t really want to earn your living at it?   Toastmasters encourages us to take our talent beyond our club to other clubs.  We’re also encouraged to enter Club, Area, Division and even District competitions.   If we’re good enough – and generally if we love speaking we’re alreading heading up towards the top levels of competition.   But the Toastmaster environment is really only a small part of the public speaking world.   There are other organizations, for example the National Speakers’ Associations (NSSA) and the speaker’s bureaus.  


However, the NSAA and the bureau’s cater to the client who is prepared to pay for a speaker and this is generally not an area to easy get into.  Well, anyway, not as a straight out speaker.  As a trainer or an educator, yes.  The proviso here is that you have something that the client or clients are willing to pay for.   Such people are often experts in their own specialties.   They niche speakers for the most part.    Only a handful of the very top presenters actually earn a good living at speaking ‘just for the enjoyment of it.’   I’m talking here of entertaining after-dinner speakers and the like.


The good thing is that you, too, can become one of these entertaining after-dinner speakers if you’d like to be, and quite easily, providing you’re not insistent on being paid.   There are literally thousands of organizations out there crying out for speakers.  The service clubs, retiree groups, various associations – the list really is endless because new groups come into being constantly.   As a Toastmaster who loves to present to groups, I can assure you that once you gain a bit of a reputation as a good speaker the invites just keep coming in.   I’ve addressed 758 audiences and over 41,000 people since I ‘retired’ in 1995.   But even before that, way back in the 1980’s and whilst still working, I was invited along more than sixty times.


Point I’m making is that if you want to speak, and speak to audiences of all manner of people and all manner of audience size.   (I’ve spoken to as few as five and as many as 300) make the effort.  Establish a few contacts outside of Toastmasters.  Do that, and your ability to hold an audience will keep on growing.   There really is no upper limit to how much you can grow.

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Location – location!

A few minutes ago I was talking with my sister, Sophie, on the telephone.  She brought my attention to something she’d seen on the Internet: the old home that my paternal grandparents lived in in London, England was up for sale.  They’d lived in it way back in the 1920s through to the 1950s…and maybe before that.  

The place is in West Ealing and, as I recall, it was close to being a slum area in those days; poky little attached houses all along each street, no front gardens, and tiny little yards at the back which were good for nothing but drying out the washing – if it didn’t get blackened with London’s perpetual sooty atmosphere.

That old place was narrow, cramped and had little by way of comforts.  The tiny kitchen was lighted by a hand-lit gas lamp and the stove was fueld by coal.  All cooking was done atop cast-iron stove which also served to heat the house.

I guest the place would have been build sometime in the mid Victorian era.  Certainly it was an decrepit old house by the 1940s and 1950 when I had occassion to visit.  Now I see it being advertised for sale at 370,000 Pounds Stirling (That’s a million dollars plus Australian)   My old grandparents, who were always poor, would be turning in their graves if they knew what the place is fetching now.

All goes to show that God isn’t making any more land.


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Who and what we are – Jill Bolte Taylor

I just watched Jill Bolte Taylor’s TED Talk, ‘Stroke of Insight’ for about the seventh time – though I haven’t viewed it for a year or more.  

What a talk!

This must be one of the most profound presentations of all time as far as a speaker endeavouring to describe what we are.  It is a brilliant lecture (I’m told somewhere that she rehearsed it and presented it some 200 times before it got onto TED Talks, but I can see why it’s probably TED Talks most popular)

I won’t say more about it other than – “Take a look and listen.”  Absorb.  Listen again.   You really are much more than you think you are…as are we all.

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