Tom’s Books


   Here is Tom being awarded first prize for his short story
   The Longest Day by the President of ASCCA, Nan Bosler, OAM
    in 2008. 
List of books written by Tom Ware.
Searchtime Expired.
Sailor Boy Blue.
The Sealers.

Non Fiction

Ghost Guidance & Automatic Writing.
Complan 76 – A Critique of NSW Police Telecommunications.
Where Are You – Me? – Experiences in Vipassana Meditation.
Divine Dialogue – How to record a conversation with God.
Finger in the Stream – Conversations with the Higher Self.

The Raconteur- Speaking to Entertain.
Inner Quest, Our Search for Happiness.
Who Stole Your Happiness (Co-authored with Kam Keung Yew PhD)
Speaking Outside the Toastmasters Environment.

Mind Matters Most – Thoughts on thinking

Short Stories *
Stories I tell – A compendium of over thirty short stories, most of which Tom tells orally.

Autobiography (in two parts)
Tom’s Karma – Covers first sixty years of Tom’s life.

Film Scripts
The Station Master’s Bell
The Runaway Auster
The Sealers.

*Tom came Second in the Australian Seniors Computer Clubs (ASCCA) Creative Writing Competition in 2007 and took out First Prize in 2008

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  1. Malcolm Hannah says:

    I would like to purchase a copy of “Stories I tell”. How can I do this by post?
    Thank you

  2. Tom Ware says:

    Hi, Malcom,

    Will send it as an attachment. No charge.


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