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The writings in this page are controversial; some won’t like what is written here all.   Then again, there will be some of you who are open-minded enough to grant them plausability.   I can only tell you this, they are as received by me via automatic writing, something I’ve been able to do since the late 1960s.   To me, they are the truth.

The session shown below was taken way back on 14th May 1997.  It’s lengthy, but I think you’ll find it interesting.  

Depending on feedback, I might well add other sessions for I have a great many recorded.

Automatic Typing Wed 14/5/97

Hello, U.R..   You’re probably aware of my presentation to the Chatswood Golden A Club this morning and the questions I was asked by two rather skeptical men at the end of it.   Do you or anyone there have anything to say on the matter, please?

(From an unknown entity)

Your mother, is here, Tom.  She wishes to say that she thought you did very well. 

(I assume this is from U.R.)


I am going to let a man talk to you who might be able to answer some of those skeptics questions.  But you must not interfere with the discourse.   He is here now.


Mr. Ware, my name is Myers.   I am the same.  (Famous writer on esoteric matters)

 My answer to the question of whether a spirit is born into a still-born baby is, “most definitely not.”   The baby is dead because the spirit is “not at home.”   What confuses many doctors and laymen alike is that the life-form has a life of its own.   It does not.   It is, to coin a phrase, “dead meat”.   Oh, yes, it has a biological life.  But that is not a spiritual life.   A fish has a biological life.  It has a life-spark of consciousness, too.   Unless it had this it could not function, for it would not know the emotions of hunger, fear, procreation, and all of those basic urges.   But the life-form of a still born-baby is such that, in the gestation period, it is much like that fish.   It has no sense of awareness that it is in the womb.   It is not until the baby enters the birth channel and is in the process of being born, that the life of the spirit becomes ready to enter the baby.   It enters before the first breath.  But not very much ahead of that time.   If it does not receive the breath of life then it simply does not manifest in the body but returns, instead, to the world of spirit.   It resumes its old identity.  That of a child about to be born.


 A child “about to be born” is in baby form- but it need not be.   It has chosen this form to ready itself for its life upon the earth plane.   But it is not absolutely necessary that it take up this form.   It can remain the adult it has chosen to be in this realm of life right up until the time it chooses to join its new life shape in the form of a baby in the world or earth plane.


 But if you want to know the answer to the question of whether or not all human forms have a soul and a spirit the answer is “yes.”   It does not matter how old or how young a human being is, there is always present a soul, and a Spirit of God within that soul.  But the spirit might be so deeply shrouded that it cannot manifest even as a glimmer of light upon the outside of the physical.   This is when the man or woman who is at the centre of that soul is so full of impurities – you might call it evil, or ignorance, or whatever you like-  they are so full with this, that little -virtually none, of the light which is within the spirit.  (Can shine through?)   Indeed the spirit is light.   This is not strong enough to shine into the soul in sufficient radiant quantities to impinge upon the mind faculties.   In this case the man or woman would be deemed to be psychotic, i.e. without conscience.  They do not know what is right from wrong and are functioning on rational thinking, and not from the deeper feelings which flow from the very essence of our being, the spark of life-spirit within the soul.


 This is quite profound, I know, but please bear with me.   If you want a break for a drink of water or anything feel free to take one now.   I intend to proceed with this for a long time.


 All right.  If I can have your attention on this and can get the approval of your spiritual guide, U.R., then I will proceed to tell you some of the basics of the human soul and the meanings of existence in your world.


 We – that is the people of earth- are born into it to learn certain lessons of life.   It is much as you said before your audience today, we cannot learn truly about anything unless we have experienced it first hand.   Anything less than that is purely theoretical and, although it has its place, it is not likely to change us in the basic ways which are required, if we are to truly embrace a new pattern of behaviour.    You can tell a person that a certain thing will cause him harm, but if he likes doing it and is hooked in on a habit pattern which he cannot break, he will do it anyway.   Until he suffers.    Once he has personally suffered , i.e.. experienced, then he is apt to change: not before.


 All right.  We are born to experience.   We learn a lot of things in our very earliest of incarnations upon the earth.   And you were right again.   We do evolve.  Right from the basic life-forms, right through to the highest beings which it is in our capacity to conceive.   And, certainly, the human being upon the earth is not the ultimate of God’s development in living things.  We are as children, nay, less than children, apes, perhaps, compared with some of the gargantuan intelligences and spiritual adeptness of some of the creations of the Upper Realms here.    We evolve upwards.    But we carry this evolvement forward in physical bodies in your world.  There are other worlds and other dimensions, of course, but I am talking now only of your physical world.   This “evolvement” is a matter of having a Spark of the Divine within a particular life form.   Certainly animals have a Spark of the Divine.  They also have souls and these souls survive.   They are reborn as animals.  But they gradually evolve over aeons of time into higher life forms, i.e. animals which have bodies which can take their increasing stature of spirit.   I do not know the exact form in which they evolve.  But it would not be too gross an exaggeration to say that the higher primates are a degree or so below the humanoid.  


 Once an animal has reached a certain level of development within its animal kingdom, it is ready for the first tentative step into the human existence.   At this point it is a very, very primitive human being indeed.   It would have a low, low intelligence quotient, would not be very moral, would be childlike in its simplicity, even when fully matured, and would probably not live a particularly long life.   Its job at this stage is simply to experience what it is like to be in a human form.


 As it reincarnates, it will take on all manner of skills as it develops new experiences.   It would build up its concepts, values, ideals.  After a time, the Spark of Spirit – which is infinite love, infinite wisdom, infinite joy, and all of those qualities found in the Divine Father, would push it towards undertaking certain tasks.   Its job would be to develop its capacities.   The motivations at this stage would be centred in the lower chakras.  The man would be self-centred and concerned only with those things which gave him gratification, took away his fears.    He would be a power- seeker of the worst kind, amoral, and probably not able to think or function in a way which would make him anything much more, seemingly, than a  (faded out)


 I will try that again.   He, the Immature Soul, would be very simple and very much without conscience.   The conscience would only develop as bad things began to happen to him.  Things in which he was obliged to suffer because, in his earlier lives, he had inflicted such suffering on others, either deliberately or unthinkingly.   But as the lives progressed, he would become increasingly more intelligent and increasingly more effective in the world.   He would develop both skills and values and this would eventually bring him to the point where he became aware of himself as “something to be developed for itself” rather than just to meet a specific and selfish end.   This is the stage where you are at now, Tom.    Abraham Maslow would depict this as the next stage up form “Self-actualisation.”   Where you want to develop yourself not only so you can be as effective as you can, but so that you can use this effectiveness as directed by the Inner Spark, the God Spark, within.


 This is what happens.   We come into the world as a very basic humanoid.  We advance steadily through a myriad incarnations.   We rest between incarnations at the level we have attained by “our way of life whilst upon the world.”   You might call where you go to, Heaven.   It does not matter what it is called.   You stay here for a while, and then you are reborn into those circumstances in which you can act out your karma and develop those trends, skills, values, that you need before you eventually reach the ultimate, Self-enlightenment.   It is then up to you to chose whether you want to repeat further lives in order to be of Service to Humanity, or whether you want to move on to the upper planes of existence.


 But once you have become fully enlightened, I expect it is much like moving from the existence of an ape to that of a lower-range humanoid.   You take a step upwards and a whole new theatre of existence opens up to you.   I cannot say what this is, other than to say the physical world will no longer be relevant to you.   You will not return to it.   Just as you cannot return to being an ape, a dog, or any of the lower life forms.   The spark, which is you, is immortal.   The spark moves through the various life forms and the various existences to gain experience.    What it is gaining experience for, is believed by many, to “ready us for an existence which can only be described a Godlike.”   We are, at our very essence gods, created by God.   I can’t tell you much more than this.


 But I can see that I am getting to the point where I must let up.   U.R. is telling me that you have had a far longer session than you usually do.   So I will hand you back to him.   I will speak with you again at some point in the future.  Goodbye Mr Ware.


U.R. here, Tom. Yes.  That was Myers.   But you must rest.   Bye for now.





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